These are the values I find most important and the most fulfilling. I consider these values when it comes to setting my career goals or choosing the next path to take in my life. Having these values in common with other people or with an organisation makes achieving goals easier and life more rewarding.

Being on the cutting edge

I want to be on the frontiers of knowledge or an industry leader. In a word: new! Of course, being the first means trial and error, uncertainty and risk. Yet these are things to be embraced, not feared.

A career full of opportunities

While job security is certainly important, this doesn’t mean doing the same job for the same organisation for my entire career. Rather, the organisation may have opportunities in other countries or the job may open more doors to further my career goals.

A life full of new challenges

Routine and predictability have their time and place, but doing the exact same thing over and over again gets boring – really, really quickly! A challenging job means “no two days are ever (really) the same”. This means learning new things, overcoming new obstacles and always finding a better way to achieve goals.

Being independent

This is all about being free to make my own decisions and taking responsibility. I can be my own boss or I can be working within a team. What is important is being able to feel like a valued contributor rather than another cog in the wheel.