Southern Institute of Technology (2013)

National Diploma in Journalism (Multi-media)

A career in journalism – more broadly, media and communications – was a natural fit for someone with an innate curiosity and obsession to always know more. This programme taught me all the necessary skills to hit the ground running.

University of Auckland (2011-2012)

Masters of Professional Studies in International Relations and Human Rights

This thesis focused on China and its response to human rights, specifically its obligations under the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. In particular, it found China’s views on human rights differ greatly from the Western focus on political rights. Yet by ratifying the treaty China participates in the human rights regime (including submitting regular reports to the UN) and progress has indeed occurred. Thus, human rights were shown to be an important element in international relations and an influence on the behaviour of state actors.

Southern Institute of Technology (2010)

New Zealand Institute of Management Diploma in Management

This one-year degree offered a broad range of topics to provide me with a solid understanding of business principles. Subjects included: accounting, organisational behaviour and communication, commercial law, human resources and small business practices.

University of Otago (2009)

Postgraduate Diploma with Credit in History

My dissertation focused on 14th century Western political thought and the growing divide between which powers belonged to the church and which to the state. In exploring this issue I found not radical differences but degrees of separation which, over time, led to drastic consequences. Neither side of the debate wanted a schism between the two, rather they were looking for ways to keep them working together.

University of Otago (2006-2008)

Bachelor of Arts in History, Philosophy and Political Studies

This degree was modelled on the University of Oxford’s PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) programme. It is a multidisciplinary degree which allowed for a critical analysis of social structures and changes underpinned by a philosophical rigour. Favourite subjects included: the history of India from the Mughal Empire to the British Raj; revolutionary Russia (1905-1917); modern China (1800-1989); religion, ethics and moral philosophy; and international relations.