Personal skills

These are my top skills which I have refined throughout my career. Sometimes these are referred to as transferable skills since they can be applied almost universally to any job.

Highly adaptable

Change is the only constant in the 21st century. This doesn’t mean just learning new ways of doing things or being aware of the newest technologies. It’s also about challenging yourself to new ways of thinking and getting outside of your comfort zone. Even if things are working well, we shouldn’t be afraid of asking if we can do it better. This also requires being able to multitask and prioritise what needs finished first or what can wait. I don’t wait around to be told what to do, especially when I know what is expected of me. I often rely on my judgement when making decisions without supervision or address potential problems before they arise.

A real problem-solver

A problem is the difference between what we expect to happen and what actually happens. The solution is not always straightforward and sometimes requires creative thinking, but there is always a solution. It’s also important to be open to trying new ideas and treat failure as a lesson to be learned from rather than a waste of time. My education has given me strong analytical skills and an ability to think critically. This means analysing complex situations, identifying key issues and discussing it with others.

Strongly collaborative

Working well within a team is often crucial to completing complex tasks. This means communicating effectively and co-operating with each other in order to succeed. In a globalised world, this also means working with others from a variety of backgrounds. Throughout my career I have worked with people from more than 40 countries. This means you must be effective at speaking, writing and listening, including choosing the best means of communication: knowing what to say is just as important as knowing how to say it.

Valuable customer service

The best customer service is about making people feel valued and appreciated rather than treated as a business transaction. With more than a decade in hospitality experience, I have taken care of customers from all walks of life. It’s important to manage customer expectations – to under-promise and over-deliver – otherwise you will disappoint.

Exceptionally organised

Being organised and having a plan often leads to having more options available to you and creates new opportunities. Even a simple job requires having a plan, following it, making adjustments where necessary and finishing it. While working in a team usually makes life easier, I am more than able to work on my own with little to no supervision. This means setting my own goals, keeping to a timetable and ensuring tasks are finished in time.

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