A career in journalism is a natural fit for someone with an innate curiosity and obsession for discovery. My national diploma from the Peter Arnett School of Journalism at the Southern Institute of Technology gave me the necessary skills to hit the ground running. Throughout the programme I was sent on work placement for a total of four weeks at The Southland Times and The Southland Express, where I continued casual work for several months, and have written nearly 70 stories (second most in my class). My favourite stories are those which start small but end up big or days where I end up working on several stories at once.

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The Southland Express

This is a community tabloid paper which runs weekly with an average circulation of 35,000. This was my first choice because of the focus on the community and a weekly deadline is less stressful (although you do get scooped more often). It also allowed me more time to learn about the process of bringing a story to print. After my two weeks I was able to stay on for several months working casually on Fridays. This gave me more experience and opportunities to write more stories. More than 40 stories were published in this paper (and sister publications), including two front page leads.

The Southland Times

This is a daily broadsheet paper with an average circulation of 22,000. This was my second choice because the demands of a daily are high and, after my first placement, I felt more prepared. A daily paper is full-on and you must always be invested in the news cycle (even when you’re not at work). My favourite day was when I ended up working on six stories at once (and still meeting my deadline). While certainly more stressful, I enjoyed being able to write stories up and having them appear in the paper the very next day. Around 30 stories were published in this paper (and sister publications).