I have a strong work ethic which is important for me not only as an employee but also as an individual to do the best I can, continue to learn and always improve.

Taking ownership

In all my jobs I aim to ‘make it mine’ by taking responsibility for my actions and doing it to the absolute best of my abilities. I care about the work I do because it reflects who I am, and I take great pride in doing a job well. This doesn’t mean I am always perfect. I encourage others for feedback and I’m always open to new ideas or learning new techniques. The most important thing is achieving our goals, not about validating my ego.


Leadership is not about telling people what to do or how to do it. Rather, it’s about inspiring others to reach their fullest potential and to accomplish the same goals. I’ve been in leadership positions throughout most of my career, and even when not I’m the one who tends to ‘take charge’. Yet this could mean starting a team discussion, getting opinions from others about the best way to do a job or simply asking for help. I want my peers to be a part of the solution. As a leader it’s important to recognise what people are best at and where they may struggle. You rely on them where they are the strongest, and support them when they need it. In doing this, we are able to work together, enjoy the work we do and achieve our goals.

“It’s not my job”

These are four words you will never hear me say. This is because my first responsibility – regardless of position – is to get the job done. Things never go exactly the way we plan and sometimes extra work is required. Perhaps a team member needs an extra hand or something unexpected happens throwing out plan A and forcing us on to plan Z. Getting everyone to the finish line is more important than who gets there first. When we reach our goals, then we can evaluate our plans to find out what worked and what didn’t. Working together as a team means co-operating with each other and communicating effectively to complete our job.